Why oil cleansing is your answer to beautiful skin

1. Do you feel like your skin care routine is more of a torture routine? Oil cleansing with RE3 Oil Cleanser is gentle on skin while giving you a deep clean. Using a washcloth for exfoliation and steam to activate the cleansing oils, it’s relaxing and feels good as you cleanse. 2. Do you get […]

Klōse-up with Susanna

Klō user, Susanna, talks about how much she loves the smell of Klō and the pure ingredients. Susanna has struggled with dry skin up until using Klō.

Eliminating Acne with The Klō Method

1.  Always use a clean washcloth. Every single time. Bacteria grows in damp environments. 2.  Wash your washcloths in hot water and do not use dryer sheets. Dryer sheets leave a waxy residue on your fabrics which can cause irritation and clogged pores. 3.  When you steam off the RE3 oil cleanser make sure you […]

How many times a day should I oil cleanse?

The simple answer is, one. Ideally you should only be oil cleansing once per day, in the evening. In the morning you can just splash some water on your face and follow with Klō serum. However, we understand this doesn’t always work for everyone’s schedule. For instance, some of us work out in the beginning […]

Klōse-up with Cristina

Klō user, Cristina, discusses how Klō has healed her acne and acne scars.

Klōse-up with Megan

Megan discusses how Klō healed her skin which was extremely dry from chemo and radiation.

Klōse-up with Amy

Amy says when she used Klō the first time she immediately saw life, dewiness and color come to her skin.

Klōse-up with Robin

Robin feels the Klō Duo has given her tighter looking skin with a more youthful appearance and feel.

Klōse-up with Lisa

Lisa gives a short demonstration on how she oil cleanses and talks about how soft her skin feels after only one use.

The Best Anti-Aging Serum

We just had two days of amazing sunshine here! How we have missed that sun. Believe it or not, your Klō serum gives you the same glow you get after spending a few hours in the sun! You know that healthy, slightly tan, pink cheeked look? That’s the one we are talking about. Klō serum [...]