The Klo Method

2 Step Organic Skin Care Routine

STEP 01: Oil Cleanser

  1. Shake well and pump a generous amount of RE3 into clean hands. Massage the oil deeply into face and neck for a deep gentle cleanse.
  2. Soak washcloth in hot water and remove all oil from skin.
  3. Finish with a nice cold splash of water and pat skin dry.

Oil cleansing is typically done in the evening. There should be no need to cleanse again in the morning. Just a rinse with water should do the trick in the am. Oil cleansing can be a quick process or a longer luxurious facial experience.

STEP 02: The Serum

  1. Shake well and massage into face, neck and chest. Allow your skin to drink in our deeply nourishing serum.
  2. Apply often and liberally to hydrate, protect and brighten for a healthy glow.

The Serum is meant to replace all moisturizer and eye cream and helps rebalance skin to regulate oil production.

What does RE3 stand for?
RE3 stands for remove, refresh, restore.
Klo Organic Beauty oil cleansers were created to remove make-up, refresh and deep clean skin, and restore moisture. All of this is accomplished with just one product.

Need help choosing the best oil cleanser + serum for you?
Our RE3 oil cleanser + serum for acne-prone skin is for oily skin and acne-prone skin.
Our RE3 oil cleanser + serum for normal-dry skin is for normal skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, and combination skin.