Can I Oil Cleanse If I Have Acne?

The answer is absolutely yes! Oil cleansing with the right oils will not only clear your acne but also lighten and diminish scarring from past acne, balance your skin’s oil production, and fight future breakouts.

The secret to oil cleansing for acne prone-skin is you must use the right oils and the right amounts of each oil. For example, castor oil is an essential ingredient in an effective oil cleanser for acne. With its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, castor oil acts as a cleansing vacuum to your pores, pulling out impurities, dead skin cells, and bacteria. However, too much castor oil can be irritating and drying to one’s skin. It needs to be mixed with other oils that also help to treat acne.

Another important factor when looking into oil cleansing for acne is that all oils are not created equally. Safflower oil can be a fantastic acne fighting oil however there is safflower oil that is high oleic acid and safflower oil that is high linoleic acid. This makes a huge difference in its acne fighting ability. You must use oils that are high in linoleic acid when fighting acne. Linoleic acid is lightweight and thinner than oleic acid, and it can be absorbed by the skin more easily. People who have acne-prone skin generally have lower levels of linoleic acid in their sebum, and adding it can help address and eliminate acne.

Oil cleansing could be the secret weapon for fighting acne that you have been waiting for. Look for products with acne fighting oils and no fillers or toxic ingredients such as Klo Organic Beauty RE3 Oil Cleanser and Serum for Acne-Prone Skin.