Will Oil Cleansing Make Me Breakout?

It could. But it could also give you the best skin of your life. It really depends on the type of oil you are using as well as a few other important details.

It is essential to use oils that work specifically with acne-prone skin. Oils are made up of different properties and it’s crucial that you use oils that balance your skin. When looking for oil cleansers, make sure the one you get is made for your skin type.

Also pay close attention to the ingredient list. Oil cleanser should be made from a blend of oils. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many “oil cleansers” are made of other things. It’s also important to look for clean and organic ingredients.

Take a look at other products you are using that could be throwing your skin off balance. The right oil cleanser will help balance out your own oil production. You don’t want to be using something that disrupts that flow. We make a serum that you apply after our oil cleanser that can be used for extra moisture while still maintaining balanced oil production.

Using a clean washcloth is essential. Bacteria grows in damp environments and this washcloth is going to be saturated with water and rubbed into your face. Keep a stack of fresh clean washcloths ready for oil cleansing every night. Make sure to remove all of the oil from your skin. This may take several rinses and wipes.

Oil cleansing is a simple and effective strategy for clear and glowing skin. Just make sure you use the right oils for your skin type and a clean washcloth. Check out the Klo Organic Beauty RE3 Oil Cleanser  + serum duo for acne-prone skin.