Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Skin?

While we do believe coconut oil is good for your skin from the inside out, it is not actually beneficial to most skin from the outside in. That means, we like to cook with it but we are not going to rub it on our bodies.


The molecules in coconut oil are large. This makes it sit on top of your skin, rather than absorb into it. So your skin might feel like it’s moisturized and soft while it’s on there, but it is not actually moisturizing you. It could be compared to putting plastic wrap on your skin. Picture the plastic wrap acting as a shield. It’s preventing you from regulating body temperature, releasing toxins, and letting your skin breathe. It also clogs pores. So why even go there?

Finding The Best Facial Oils For You

  • Make sure the ingredients have oils that are beneficial to your skin type.
  • Read the ingredients and if you don’t recognize a word, research it.
  • Natural does not mean organic. Many products will use the term “natural”, but that doesn’t really mean anything.
  • Ingredients are listed from highest to lowest amount. Make sure those first few ingredients are in fact, oil (you’d be surprised).
  • Look out for the word fragrance. Chemicals used to make fragrance are categorized as hormone disruptors, allergens, neurotoxins, and carcinogens.
  • Always look for the FULL ingredient list. Beware of products that list only “active” or “key” ingredients.

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