Should I avoid fragrance in my skin care products?

Yes. This is a toxic loophole in the industry. As a skincare company we are required to disclose our ingredients to the consumer so you know what you are rubbing into your face and ultimately absorbing into your bloodstream. What we do not have to disclose is our proprietary blend that makes up our signature scent. And this includes fragrance.

Fragrance is a potential cocktail of over a hundred toxic chemicals. For instance, phthalates (which are chemicals that help a scent last longer) have health risks that include cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity, endocrine disruption, birth defects and respiratory problems. This chemical can simply be included under the fragrance umbrella.

Beware of “natural” fragrance

The word natural is not legally defined in the US. This means what you consider to be natural can differ greatly from what a company determines natural. Natural is not a regulated term. If you see the ingredient natural fragrance on a label you should definitely dig deeper. Reach out to the company and ask what their fragrance is actually made up of. If they won’t give you a clear answer, consider moving on. This probably means they don’t want to disclose what exactly is in their products or they might not even know themselves.

Clean beauty

Clean ingredients in your skin care are just as important as clean ingredients in your diet. You will see a difference immediately as your skin becomes less congested and brighter. Natural ingredients bring out your natural beauty.