Oil Cleansing Cured My Acne

Rub oil on my face to get rid of acne? Sure, right after I eat a box of Oreos in an effort to shed a few pounds.

I don’t even eat sizzling fajitas for fear that an oil nanoparticle may sizzle up to my sensitive acne-prone face and start a colony of pimples. When I first heard of oil cleansing all I could think was sizzling fajita all over my face.

My perfect skin having friend, Leslee had told me about this new “craze” and was trying to push me into the idea. Massage oil into your face (um, no) then take a hot steamy washcloth and lay it over your face. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

 For a long time I was only willing to try “smart” solutions for this problem.

“Smart” Solution #1:  Antibiotics    Clindamycin, Tetracycline, Erythromycin, Doxycycline. Great idea. I wonder why people need to take all of these expensive probiotics.

“Smart” Solution #2:  Retin-A     Real life Freddy Krueger until (if you are patient) you graduate to “Retin-A face” which consists of a sickly thin skinned kind of wet looking grey vein face. That’s hot. Oh and you might as well never go outside again because fresh air and the sun are your enemies.

“Smart” Solution #3: Stronger harsher chemicals    Peroxide? Yes please. If it doesn’t work? Well, obviously you need a higher dose! If your pillowcases and towels are all sorts of tie-dyed you know what I am talking about. If you don’t? Well you are probably like my friend Leslee, in which case this article is not for you. Go read about how to make our homemade deodorant 🙂

“Smart” Solution #4: Accutane    The mother of all acne drugs. Sure it wrecks fetuses and ruins babies, but no more acne! Oh, by the way you might get debilitating digestive problems and have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of your life. But no more acne!!

I admit, it is embarrassing that I would be willing to do any of the above solutions before trying oil cleansing. So, a public apology to Leslee and a simple public service announcement to anyone who can relate to my skin trials and tribulations.

First let’s look at why you are getting acne.

On a very basic level your skin produces sebum (an oil, fat, wax mix) which comes out of your pores and hair follicles and sits on your face to protect you from fungal and bacterial infections, as well as lubricate and waterproof your face. It is your body’s natural skin care. It cleanses, tones, and moisturizes. In a perfect world, that is. Sometimes the sebum can get stuck in a follicle. When you mix that up with some dead skin cells and bacteria, voila you have a whitehead or a blackhead. Even better, this disgusto mix can break down the follicle wall and seep into the tissue in your skin.

This, my friends, is how you get a pustule (good old fashioned zit).


zit squeeze

All of the “smart” solutions available have the same idea. Dry up the sebum. If you can strip all of the oil off of the face then no more acne, right?


You will still make sebum (unless you are on Accutane and your body has literally stopped “lubricating” everything). If you find something harsh enough to strip it off your face for the moment, your amazing body gets a major warning sign – PRODUCE MORE SEBUM. At this point you enter into a full on war with your skin, which is a cycle of reactions to the abuse you inflict on it. Strip the sebum, dry out your skin, produce too much sebum, clog pores, re-strip, pop pimple, cry, repeat.

If you are in an abusive relationship with your skin you can stop!  I did.

small grapefruit copy


Your skin is very forgiving and it really wants to love you. Instead of beating it up you need to help facilitate the natural process.

Our normal to oily skin care is like relationship therapy for you and your skin. It might take a few sessions, but as soon as your skin realizes the abuse is over it will respond accordingly. Our specific formula is based on the fact that when linoleic acid (which is a fatty acid that makes up a large portion of the sebum) is not available in the skin, you will naturally produce a sebum called oleic acid that is irritating to the skin. This sebum promotes blockage.

At Klo Organic Beauty, we use oils that not only cleanse the offending fatty acids, but replenish the good ones. When your skin begins getting what it wants, it stops overproducing the pore-clogging fatty acids and balances itself.


Your skin balances itself.

Since I started oil cleansing, my skin has completely changed. It needs very little from me. In fact, I don’t even think about it until someone tells me how great it looks. I don’t wear any makeup on my skin. At all. I know some people don’t get it, but If you have struggled with acne, you think about your face A LOT. It is basically always on your mind, whether you’re thinking about a throbbing pimple or if your makeup is working or if your red spots stand out in this light.

It is a constant nagging thought and it sucks.

PRETTY ALL 4resized

I personally guarantee oil cleansing will change your life.