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Organic, vegan, and cruelty-free skin care for all skin types.
Nicole Anagnos and Megan Berube, founders of Klō Organic Beauty

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We’re Nicole and Megan, sisters from The Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.

In 2016 we created The Klō Method, a two-step routine for all skin types. We may consider ourselves beauty minimalists, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want healthy, glowing skin!

The Klō Method is an organic oil cleanser and serum duo, designed to retrain skin to balance oils and bring out your natural beauty.

It’s time to reboot your skin care routine.

Raising the bar with exceptional products that have developed a cult following.


This oil cleanser raises the bar…a new favorite!

Doctors and friends alike are amazed at how invisible my surgery scars are and how well my skin has healed from radiation.




Antibiotics were making me sick, and RX lotions were making my acne worse. Started using these products and my acne cleared up over night


This simple two part system transforms skin
to give you the radiant looking glow you’ve dreamed of having!

This serum is a game changer! I put it on before bed and my face feels hydrated and glowing in the morning.