Do I Need a Moisturizer If I Use a Serum?

We hear this question quite a bit. People have been conditioned to think they need to layer multiple products on their skin to avoid dryness, wrinkles, or ashy skin. The answer is absolutely not. If you’re using the right skin care, it should be working to train your skin to be balanced and produce the right amount of oil to properly moisturize from the inside out.

A serum with quality ingredients should not only hydrate and sink deeply into your skin, but also provide a layer of protection to eliminate moisture loss. Adding an additional moisturizer on top of a serum can suffocate skin. It does not allow skin to breathe, and can counteract the efforts that you’re making towards beautiful glowing skin by interrupting your skin’s oil production and throwing off your natural balance.

Klo Duo for Acne-Prone Skin

If you use a quality cleanser and serum such as Klo Organic Beauty’s duo you should have no need for any additional products and should not need to be using an additional moisturizer.