I Stopped Washing My Face And Got The Best Skin Of My Life

Throughout my 30s I struggled with acne. It was mostly on my jawline and it was sometimes cystic, sometimes patches of whiteheads, but always annoying and ugly. I did what made sense to me (at the time), I scrubbed harder and more often and used the products that were “guaranteed” to work. When products did work, they were great. For about 2 weeks my skin would look okay, but then inevitably it would erupt with a vengeance, even angrier than before. I tried all of the solutions, including medication. Throughout it all I believed I needed to get my skin cleaner and drier because dry skin doesn’t break out. Or so I thought.

After years of repeating this cycle I finally decided that it wasn’t working, and I started to learn about oil cleansing. In the beginning, the idea of it was daunting. There are so many oils. Which ones do I use? Nevermind the sheer terror of rubbing oil on my face; the very thing I was convinced was my enemy.

I could not find an actual product; an oil cleanser for acne. The oil cleansers I found on the market weren’t actually just oil, but other toxic ingredients that I didn’t want to rub into my skin. Bloggers were raving about their oil cleansing results, so I decided I had to create my own specialized oil cleanser full of clean and effective ingredients.

Klo Organic Beauty RE3 Oil Cleanser for Acne-Prone Skin

My first thought was to use coconut oil. Coconut oil is good for everything, right? That was a disaster for my skin. It got very dry, yet still had acne. I began studying the properties of different oils. I learned why it was important to know the difference between linoleic and oleic acid. I learned why one oil can work for one person but be terrible for another, and why the quality of the oil and where it comes from makes a difference in how it will clean and heal my skin. I also studied essential oils and their benefits. I realized that I could treat my acne and my incoming wrinkles. I always thought I had to pick one or the other! I took all this knowledge and put together my formula.

Within a week I was shocked. I wasn’t getting new breakouts and the pimples I had looked better and less angry. Within about 3 weeks I started to notice my skin looking much clearer. By 6 weeks I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long to do this. My war with my skin was over. Not only was my acne gone, but I didn’t have oily skin anymore. I used to carry oil blotting papers with me everywhere, and suddenly I had no use for them. In fact, I had no use for ANY of the other products I had been using on my face.

I was finally balanced. My skin was behaving like “normal” skin. Not oily. Not dry. Into the garbage went all my old products and five years later, I haven’t looked back. I will never wash my face again.

My skin routine now is so simple. I just splash water on my face in the morning and apply my serum for acne-prone skin.  At night I use the RE3 oil cleanser and then apply serum again. That’s it!

Klo Organic Beauty Acne-Prone Duo