7 Ways To Shorten Your Morning Routine

  1. Be realistic when allotting time to complete your morning tasks. If you find you are rushing, try timing yourself to see how long it actually takes you to do the things that you do everyday.
  2. Lay out your clothing the night before. This eliminates the need to even think about it in the morning.
  3. Plan breakfast the night before. Overnight oats are great, but if you’re not a fan there are plenty of other things that can be prepared the night before. A yogurt parfait with granola, healthy breakfast cookies, or hard boiled eggs.
  4. Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. There’s nothing worse than frantically searching for your keys or wallet in the morning.
  5. Stay off your phone first thing in the morning. Replying to texts, checking emails, and looking at Facebook can easily eat up a half hour of your time.
  6. Make your bed. There are lots of studies and research that show people who make their bed first thing in the morning are more likely to be productive throughout the day and stick to a routine. The extra 3 minutes it might take you to make your bed, you’ll gain back in productivity.
  7. Create a simple beauty routine for every day. Washing hair at night is a huge time saver, as is having a quick and simple skin care routine. A two step option such as The Klo Organic Beauty Oil Cleanser and Serum Duo is typically done at night. That way, in the morning you can just splash some water on your face and apply serum for an instant glow that can even eliminate the need for makeup.

Hands Holding Klo Organic Beauty Oil Cleanser at Sink

Having a simplified and efficient morning routine can be the key to starting your day on the right foot. What do you do to make your morning easier?


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