Why oil cleansing is your answer to beautiful skin

1. Do you feel like your skin care routine is more of a torture routine?
Oil cleansing with RE3 Oil Cleanser is gentle on skin while giving you a deep clean. Using a washcloth for exfoliation and steam to activate the cleansing oils, it’s relaxing and feels good as you cleanse.

2. Do you get that tight feeling after you wash your face?
RE3 Oil Cleanser balances your skin’s natural oils, and conditions your skin to provide its own natural moisture so you never feel tight or dry after cleansing. After oil cleansing your skin feels soft and hydrated.

3. Do you feel like you have to use too many products?
RE3 Oil Cleanser does it all! It removes your makeup, deep cleans, tones, and moisturizes. After cleansing skin looks glowing and healthy rather than dried out and stripped.

4. Do you feel like you are suffocating your skin with heavy creams and foundations?
RE3 Oil Cleanser eliminates the need for moisturizer, night cream, and heavy foundations that don’t allow skin to breathe. Oil cleansing allows you the ability to break free from the need for extra products to counterbalance the drying, dulling effect of traditional face washes. Oil cleansing leaves you moisturized and hydrated right after you wash.

5. Are you constantly fighting either dry skin or acne?
RE3 Oil Cleanser ends the cycle by balancing the oil your skin produces. When you choose RE3 for normal-dry skin or RE3 for acne-prone skin, you are actually training your skin to produce the right amount of oil rather than encouraging the cycle of over and under producing oil which leads to dry skin and/or acne.

6. Do you have acne and have tried every treatment out there?
RE3 Oil Cleanser for acne-prone skin trains your skin to stop overproducing the bad oils that cause clogged pores and acne. Without the typical harsh chemicals involved in the treatment of acne you will find that not only does your acne go away but it doesn’t come back because you have changed your skin from acne-prone to normal.