Oil Cleansing Simplified

We are glad so many of you have watched our video on how to oil cleanse! We have received some feedback and want to clarify a couple of things for you.

You do not need to spend a long time cleansing. The basic method is to apply the oil cleanser to a dry face, massage it in, and remove the oil with water and a washcloth. You can do this in the shower or at a sink. Some of us really enjoy a good steaming with a hot washcloth while removing the oil, while some of us like to apply the oil and rinse it off in the shower with a washcloth.

There are two oil cleansing rules that we believe are necessary. 

1. Always use a clean washcloth to remove oil (water alone will not remove it).
2. Be gentle to your skin. Focus on wiping your skin clean rather than scrubbing.

That’s it! You can make it quick, or enjoy a longer luxurious experience when you have the time.

2 replies on “Oil Cleansing Simplified

  • Lee Fitzpatrick

    Oil cleansing is real cleansing. Whether long and luxurious in the bath or regular makeup removal – even on the run – the result is stellar!
    Glowing radiant skin. Nothing beats it

  • Bonnie Berube

    Great to know oil cleansing can be quick and thorough! I’ll leave the longer “spa” experience for when I have more time. Love the product!?

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