Taking Better Care Of Ourselves

Many of us are spending more time at home than usual. This is a great time to focus on taking better care of ourselves. You know all of those things you don’t do because you don’t have the time? Don’t let yourself get bored or spend hours upon hours in front of the computer or TV. We all have different lifestyles and obviously some ideas won’t work for everyone, but pick and choose a few!

Sleeping till you wake up naturally. This is a wonderful time to not set the alarm clock. Go to bed at a reasonable time and allow yourself to get a full night sleep and wake up on your own. Not so easy if you have little ones, but the teenagers will really appreciate it.

Getting outside twice a day for some good exercise. Even if it’s just a short walk, it’s worth it.

Eating meals at earlier times. Many of us eat our last meal too close to bedtime. Work and sports get in the way of an early dinner. Ideally we should eat dinner before 6 so that we have plenty of time to digest before bed. Setting a goal of an earlier dinner can be helpful in getting a more restful night of sleep.

Making time for family games. No matter their age, they will love it. We have pulled out oldies like Clue and Sorry as well as some of our newer favorites like Blank Slate and Balderdash. Every evening we have been getting in some game time after dinner.

Listening to calming guided meditations. This is a stressful time and we can all benefit from a few minutes of calm. YouTube is full of short meditations to help you relax.

Put on music and enjoying cooking. A lot of us normally have busy days and come home to “whip up dinner” and get it finished as fast as possible. This is a good time to put on your favorite music and let yourself enjoy cooking. Make it an experience. We might even have “Thanksgiving” this week.

Taking time for self care. Don’t usually have time for the “long and pampering” oil cleanse routine? Well now you do! Take an extra few minutes to make it an experience. Try putting your oil cleanser on and then take a bath and let it steam while you relax. Wipe it off when you are ready to get out. This is the time to do those extra little things that make you feel good.