What is a good skincare routine during perimenopause?

Women in their 40s and entering perimenopause may notice drier skin. Skin care routines that have worked in the past are not cutting it anymore. Declining estrogen levels can cause skin to become much drier with age. 

Traditional face washes strip away moisture and dry out skin. If you’ve ever had that tight feeling after washing your face, you know what we’re talking about. 

Do you need a new skin care routine when you are going through perimenopause?

The answer is yes and it’s oil cleansing. 

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Oil cleansing involves applying specific oils to your face that not only deep clean and remove make-up, but also add moisture and the nutrients your aging skin needs. Not all oils are created equal for oil cleansing, however, choosing the right blend can eliminate that dull, tired, flaky skin. 

Klo Organic Beauty has created a mix of antioxidant-rich and nutrient dense oils to reclaim soft, glowing, and hydrated skin. Paired with the anti-aging serum, this two step skin care routine is the answer for happy skin in perimenopause. 

Klo Organic Beauty RE3 oil cleanser and serum duo for normal-dry skin bottles and boxes.

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