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RE3 Oil Cleanser + Serum Duo Set for Normal-Dry Skin


The best oil cleanser and serum for normal-dry, normal, dry, sensitive, and combination skin

Make dehydrated and flaky skin a thing of the past. Welcome smooth and glowing skin with this deeply moisturizing and lightly exfoliating duo. Notice brighter skin after the first use.

The Klo Organic Beauty antioxidant rich oil cleanser removes make-up and expels impurities to refresh skin and restore moisture. Potent and fast absorbing, our serum regulates oil production and reduces fine lines to help skin look and feel younger.



  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines around eyes and mouth
  • Restores moisture to dehydrated skin
  • Nourishes skin at the cellular level for glowing radiant beauty
  • Illuminates and brightens skin
  • Lessens the appearance of age spots and hyper-pigmentation for smooth even skin

Additional information

Weight 7.5 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 4.8 in

RE3 Oil Cleanser

Directions: Shake well and massage into dry skin for a deep gentle cleanse. Completely remove oil with a clean hot washcloth for smooth and glowing skin. Follow with serum.

Organic Ingredients: Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Non-GMO Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Citrus sinensis (Orange) Peel Oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Oil, Boswellia carterii (Frankincense) Oil, Daucus carota (Carrot) Seed Oil


Sunflower neutralizes cancer causing free radicals, regenerates cells and reduces age spots. Has a light texture and absorbs quickly leaving skin hydrated and not greasy.

Castor stimulates the skin and the production of collagen and elastin which softens and hydrates the skin.  It acts as a magnet to pull out and dissolve impurities.

Vitamin E softens wrinkles by boosting collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic.

Orange fights signs of aging and improves tone and texture making skin appear more youthful and healthy.

Lavender calms skin to reduce redness, even skin tone and accelerate the healing of scars.  It is deeply healing and highly anti-inflammatory.

Geranium regenerates cells to brighten and rejuvenate skin. It promotes the production of melanin which evens out the overall tone of the skin and lightens spots and scars.

Frankincense lightens sun spots, minimizes micro wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and tones and tightens skin while simultaneously replacing old dying cells with new healthy ones.

Carrot Seed stimulates the lymph system and drains fluids which cause under eye bags. It nourishes, tightens and rejuvenates dry, mature, and wrinkled skin,


Directions: Shake well and massage into face, neck and chest. Allow your skin to drink in our deeply nourishing serum. Apply often and liberally to hydrate, protect and brighten for a healthy glow.

Organic Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Cucurbita pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil, Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Non-GMO Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Citrus sinensis (Orange) Peel Oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Boswellia carterii (Frankincense) Oil, Daucus carota (Carrot) Seed Oil


Jojoba is an incredible moisturizer similar to our skin’s natural sebum.  It improves the feel of the skin and provides a substantial long acting 24 hour skin hydration effect which leaves you glowing all day.

Pumpkin Seed is rich in Vitamin E, zinc, antioxidants and fatty acids which provide tremendous benefits for the skin in terms of retaining moisture, fighting free radicals, and maintaining a youthful appearance.

Avocado enhances the skin’s ability to generate collagen which helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. It is nutrient rich and contains natural skin firming ceramides.

Vitamin E softens wrinkles by boosting collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic.

Orange is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants which help fight free radicals to prevent premature aging.

Lavender calms skin to reduce redness, even skin tone, and accelerate the healing of scars. It is deeply healing and highly anti-inflammatory.

Frankincense lightens sun spots, minimizes micro wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and tones and tightens skin while simultaneously replacing old dying cells with new healthy ones.

Carrot Seed stimulates the lymph system and drains fluids which cause under eye bags. It nourishes, tightens and rejuvenates dry, mature, and wrinkled skin.

20 reviews for RE3 Oil Cleanser + Serum Duo Set for Normal-Dry Skin

  1. Nicole (store manager)

    Best products ever for dry skin!

    I have been using this duo for a couple of years now and have dramatically better skin! I no longer need any other products as my oils have all balanced. This routine makes my skin GLOW and look so healthy. I could not recommend this enough!!!

  2. Sara B. (store manager)

    Loving it!

    Have been using this duo since late February on the recommendation of the blogger, Happy Healthy Mama. My face is normally super sensitive and freaks out whenever I use anything, so for years I just washed with water. Now that I’m getting close to 40, I wanted something to help with the fine lines and wrinkles I’m seeing 🙁
    I was wary of using Klo Organic because nothing else has been compatible with my skin – and the cost was a bit high (exchange and shipping) but after using it for two weeks with nothing but better looking skin – I am hooked! Even my husband has commented on how good my skin looks, and he’s not a noticer. He’s also started using the products too. I rave about it to anyone who listens! Thanks Klo Organics!!!

  3. Tessah Latson (store manager)

    Game changer

    I have been using this duo for almost 6 months now as a reformed “over-scrubber” and product junkie with combination/cloggy skin that is now in the aging category as 42 peers at me around the corner. And I live in the high altitude desert of New Mexico. But I’m from Massachusetts. And while it’s been 15 years of living in this arid climate, my skin care regimen changed little from the humid conditions from which I came (which were wrong to begin with, might I add). While I consider myself a pretty low maintenance gal, my overnight bag would be more than half full with my skincare regimen du jour. No more!! Aside from a little eye cream and (because it’s the desert) a few teeny dabs of daytime moisturizer on the odd day, I can literally say I am free of the shackles–and expense–of overly complicated skincare that would inevitably let me down. Over and over again. Not only am I packing lighter and getting more sleep at night, haha, my skin has never acted or looked better. My clogged pores are virtually non-existent, my sun damaged complexion is noticeably evening out and I LOVE the fact that I don’t wash my face in the morning, other than a few splashes of water! Time saver AND skin saver. And yes, I have gotten comments. I am a convert, and there’s no turning back! Thank you!!!

  4. Jen (store manager)

    Post-radiation treatment, this duo helped my skin recovery

    After 8 weeks of consecutive radiation therapy to treat a skin cancer on my face, I was lucky enough to win Klo at a local benefit’s auction. The radiation field was still healing and I needed something exceeding pure and forgiving! Klo was perfect and helped return my skin to health. If you’ve never tried oil cleansing, you must. The process feels great, it’s effective, and it amazingly keeps skin balanced. Doctors and friends alike are amazed at how invisible my surgery scars are and how well my skin has healed from radiation. It’s awesome to be able to foster my skin’s well being!

  5. CO (store manager)

    Have the best skin of my life!

    I’ve been using this now for over 3 years and I have the best skin of my life. It is balanced and healthy and all I need to use are these 2 products. They smell amazing and are all organic. I feel like I am doing something good for myself every time I wash my face. For real!

  6. AH (store manager)

    5 stars for this 2-step routine!

    This oil cleanser/serum duo is a game changer! I spent so much time and money trying different products… and am so grateful that I have finally found the only 2 products that I need – the Klō duo oil cleanser and serum! I just finished my first bottle of these and can say that they have truly made a difference. I will definitely be buying more! They make my face feel so clean, hydrated and glowing. I am 29 and have combination skin. I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin since I started using the cleanser – it is more clear, smooth, and even. I and am so happy to have these products. And so appreciative of this local business. Thank you Klō!

  7. Tara B. (store manager)

    Perfect combination

    I started with just the serum and my own cleanser – fell in love with the light feel and aroma of it. When I switched to the cleanser and serum together – it was even better. My skin feels hydrated and healthy.

  8. Kristey Allen (store manager)

    Makes my skin feel so smooth and soft

    I had been using an oil type cleanser but had to use a gentle foaming cleanser after because my face felt sticky. I also used a toner, moisturizer and primer all before putting my makeup on. I was introduced to the Klo products at a market/fair. I tried the products on the back of my hand and thought if it made my hand that smooth why not try it on my face. It smells wonderful. I bought the cleanser and serum and started using it in place of all the other stuff I used. I no longer need any of those things to get my face clean and moisturized. I am 48 and have a lot of fine lines and this has smoothed those out in a matter of weeks. I used to dread washing my face at night because it took so long with all the different products I used. Now it takes no time at all and is actually very relaxing. It feels like a mini spa treatment. The serum also acts as a primer and so there is no need for a primer under your makeup. I love that the ingredients are all natural. My face feels so soft and not greasy at all. I would highly recommend these products especially for those with aging skin like mine.

  9. Lorraine (verified owner)

    I began using Klo almost two years ago. At that time I was undergoing chemotherapy and my skin became extra sensitive and dry. These were the best products for me at the time and left my face feeling and looking better than ever. I’m back to normal now but still hooked on this duo! They continue to maintain my skin in perfect balance. I’m always getting compliments on my skin! Well worth the cost!!

  10. Katie

    I just ordered a sample of both the Klo cleanser and serum after hearing about how much my mother in law loved the product. I’m always looking for products with natural ingredients. I would say I have normal skin except for in the cold winter months when my skin gets very dry which has already started. After just two days of using the sample, I felt like my skin was more moisturized and balanced. It didn’t seem to get as dry even later in the day. My husband even mentioned that a small scar on my face seemed less visible. I am going to order the larger size and can’t wait to use it for a longer period as I was so happy with the results of my skin after only two days of use!

  11. Danielle Slizewski (verified owner)

    I’ve been going to my electrolysis lady for 2 years now and she is always up close and personal on my face. She made a comment on how healthy and clear my skin looks. Made my day!! Thank you Klo.

  12. Jessica S Dils

    This new daily routine feels like a gift to myself and my skin every day. Can’t live without it now that I’ve thrown away over-the-counter cleansers and enjoy the deep clean and nourishing treatment that I’ve discovered with klo. Thank you!!

  13. Jacqueline Prescott (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about the amazing results I have found with this duo! I have tried so many organic skincare lines and this is simply the best!! My skin has made a complete turnaround in the past 3 weeks since switching to this method. I highly recommend this skincare line to everyone!! Thank you Klo! ?

    • kloadmin (store manager)

      Thanks for taking the time to share, Jackie! We are thrilled to hear it. Tell your friends 🙂

  14. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    Love this! Removes all my makeup and keeps my skin hydrated when it’s extra dry in the winter months

  15. Lee Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    I have had undiagnosable skin problems since October and been treated with steroids orally and topically to help tame the issue. The ONLY products I can use on my face without flare ups are the cleanser and serum from Klo. Truly miraculous and what a relief to have some semblance of a glow! These are truly pure and effective.

  16. Cynthia N. (verified owner)

    Applying the cleanser and serum is like being in a spa each morning-
    I adore the scent and my skin is velvety.

  17. Lesa B. (verified owner)

    Love, love klo cleanser and serum! My most favorite face product ever! Not only do I use it for daily cleansing and moisturizing, I’ve used it in the shower and after for all over body moisture. (also found it to be perfect on travels as it cuts down on extra product!) Thank you klo, it’s fabulous! 🙂

  18. Fran F. (verified owner)

    I love klo. The cleanser does a great job removing make up and the hot towel is so relaxing. The moisturizer makes my skin feel soft and nourished. I am 76 years old and happy with my skin!

  19. Katherine C. (verified owner)

    Klo is the first skincare routine that I’ve found to work with my skin rather than against it. I love it – long time user.

  20. Patricia M. (verified owner)

    I love using KLO both the face wash and the serum. I live in a dry climate so the serum has help to keep my skin soft and the cleanser doesn’t dry it out.

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