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Klo Organic Beauty is a cruelty-free skin care company developed in The Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Our products are organic, non-toxic, vegan, and certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. Our cruelty-free ingredients are plant based and ethically sourced. Using only the best cruelty-free ingredients, we hand craft our cruelty-free oil cleanser and serum in small batches. We feature a cruelty-free oil based anti-aging duo created to balance and reset skin to thrive naturally without being dependent on a stockpile of products. Our cruelty-free products were nominated for Best in Show at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York City and have been featured in Brides, Vogue + Glamour magazine.


Best Cruelty-Free Skin Care Products
At Klo Organic Beauty we offer the best cruelty-free skin care products, including:

– Cruelty-Free Oil Cleanser for normal-dry skin
– Cruelty-Free Oil Cleanser for oily/acne-prone skin
– Cruelty-Free Anti-Aging Serum normal-dry skin
– Cruelty-Free Anti-Aging Serum oily-acne-prone skin
– Cruelty-Free Anti-Aging Oil Cleanser and Serum duo for normal-dry skin
– Cruelty-Free Anti-Aging Oil Cleanser and Serum duo for oily/acne-prone skin

Why are our cruelty-free skin care products better than other skin care products?
Our cruelty-free skin care products are the best because we use all natural organic, vegan ingredients and hand craft in small batches. All of our ingredients are active and made for your skin type.

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