Why Klō?

KlōKitchen Lab Organics, was created in our very own kitchen!

We never intended to share our product or even make more than one small bottle at a time. We purchased only the highest quality ingredients because we were making these products for ourselves! We couldn’t understand why the big name companies were using such inferior ingredients and trying to market them as beneficial.


Our pledge to you is to stick with our original mission which is to give you high quality amazing products chock full of nutrients to bring out your natural beauty.


There was a huge lack of truly healthy organic products on the market. Everything we thought was good, proved otherwise when we read the ingredient list. It seemed that cheap non-beneficial oils as well as chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances were making their way into even so-called natural and organic products. Klō was created from a need. We wanted a product where each and every ingredient had a benefit to our skin.

Our oil based products are organic, vegan, all natural, and certified cruelty-free. Everything we make is handcrafted in small batches and packaged in amber glass to maintain the life and integrity of the oils. Klō tests all products on our loved ones (never on animals!). We are confident that you will fall in love with our organic, vegan, anti-aging skin care.

Why would big name companies use subpar ingredients?

As we started to expand our business and scale up the amount of product we were making we began to realize that at some point along the way (maybe from the start), people in the industry began compromising their products to simply save money. Simply put, better ingredients cost more. Producing small handcrafted batches requires more labor.

How do I understand the ingredient list?

First of all, you will notice that you can pronounce all of our ingredients. That’s a good start! If you’d like to check your labels we have a list of harmful toxins that are lurking in many products. Beware of the terms “key ingredients” or “active ingredients”. That suggests that there are other ingredients that are not being mentioned. Make sure you can see the full ingredient list.

My product says “natural” and/or “organic” so I am safe, right?

No!!! If a company uses one ingredient that is organic, they can call the product organic. Natural is even more vague because there are zero regulations on the word. Anyone can call anything natural. Plus, think about this…poison ivy is natural and it irritates your skin. Lots of natural ingredients should not be in skin care products.

I see the benefits to eating organic food, but why does my skin care matter?

Our skin is our largest organ and many toxins absorbed via the skin are not filtered through our liver. Those toxins and chemicals take only 30 seconds to go directly into your bloodstream. Your skin absorbs 60-75% of the product you use. In addition, many products have penetration enhancers that are developed to bypass your skin’s natural defenses.

My skin care product passed the toxic ingredients test so it’s good right?

Maybe. The next step is to look at the benefits of the ingredients. Each and every ingredient should have a clear benefit to your skin. Oils naturally separate. Sometimes an ingredient is put in just so you don’t have to shake the bottle. Come on! How hard is it to give a quick shake?

Why is unrefined oil important?

Unrefined oils have not been bleached or deodorized after extraction. When an oil is refined it loses many of its nutrients and sometimes the very essence of what makes it a healthy oil in the first place.

Why is food-grade important?

Food-grade is subject to clear legal regulations by the FDA. The FDA does not regulate cosmetics.

Why do you make Klō™ in small batches?

We want to know that when you receive your product it is fresh. Generally companies make large batches of product with the intention of it sitting on a shelf or in a warehouse for years. They have to add chemicals or alter the chemical structure of their ingredients to make that possible. Doing that destroys the effectiveness of the oils, diminishing the skin benefits or even worse making them harmful (think Crisco vs. Olive Oil). Our products are meant to be used. You might want to liken it to an opened bottle of good olive oil in your cabinet. It is meant to be used. You aren’t necessarily in a hurry to use it, but it does have a shelf life.

Why is amber glass important?

When using essential oils it is important to use a dark glass container. Oils must be protected from sunlight, as exposure will dramatically speed up the process of oxidation and deterioration. This also means it is important to store your Klō skin care away from sunlight, preferably in a cabinet. Why not plastic? Chemicals can leach out of plastics and into the contents of the bottle. You don’t want that!

Why don’t we test on animals?

Why would we?! Our products are made for humans.

We are proud to be Vegan & Cruelty-Free Certified by Leaping Bunny and Logical Harmony.

How long will my product last?

To maintain the integrity of your product, please store in a cabinet away from direct sunlight (although the amber bottle will help with this). Do not store your bottle in the shower or in extreme hot or cold areas. If you use your products most days of the week they should last a couple of months. It is a good idea to use them within 6 months of opening to get the most benefit from the oils.

What is the number on the bottom of my bottle?

That number is the batch number. Using that we can trace back when we made the product and with exactly which ingredients. If you have a question about your batch, just email us with your number and we will look it up!