The Klō Method

organic cleansing oil


The RE3 Oil Cleansing Method

Is it possible to remove make-up, cleanse and refresh skin, exfoliate, and restore moisture all in one natural product?


Absolutely! That is exactly what RE3 was designed to do.

Harsh cleansers and rough exfoliating products only damage skin and can actually create more wrinkles by creating fine micro-tears. RE3 easily dissolves impurities and gently exfoliates skin to restore a youthful glow and radiant flawless beauty!


What it is

Make-up Remover
Light moisturizer

What it does
  • Removes make-up, sunscreen, bacteria and other impurities
  • Cleanses and refreshes skin
  • Balances sebum to regulate oil production in your skin
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells to rejuvenate complexion
  • Restores moisture and illuminates skin
  • Promotes speedy cell regeneration for youthful glow
How to do it

Oil cleansing is typically done in the evening. There should be no need to cleanse again in the morning.
Just a rinse with water should do the trick in the am. Oil cleansing can be a quick process or a longer luxurious facial experience!

1. Shake that bottle!
2. Pump a generous amount of RE3 (about 8-12 pumps) into your clean hands. Massage the oil deeply into your face and neck.
3. Soak a clean washcloth in hot steamy water, wring it out and lay over your face until it begins to cool (about 10-30 seconds). Wipe face gently.
4. Repeat step 3 about 3-7 times to remove all the oil. Skin will be soft, smooth and exfoliated.
5. Finish with a nice cold splash of water and pat skin dry. You glow, girl!
6. Apply 1-4 pumps of Klō serum. This is your moisture, nutrients and antioxidants all in one amazing product designed to nourish skin and fight the signs of aging. Use all over face and neck. Serum is meant to replace all moisturizer and eye cream and helps rebalance skin to regulate oil production.

While you should notice a big difference in your skin after the first treatment, it may take a week or so for skin to adjust to this new type of cleansing. Be patient! Especially if you have been using soaps and harsh chemicals on skin, you may have a little detoxing to do. This means a short adjustment period where your skin is rebalancing. Throw out the chemicals and stick with it! You will be grateful you did.

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