The Real Reason You Are Getting Acne

On a very basic level your skin produces sebum (an oil, fat, wax mix) which comes out of your pores and hair follicles and sits on your face to protect you from fungal and bacterial infections, as well as lubricate and waterproof your face. It is your body’s natural skin care. It cleanses, tones, and moisturizes. In a perfect world, that is. Sometimes the sebum can get stuck in a follicle. When you mix that up with some dead skin cells and bacteria…Voila! You have a whitehead or a blackhead. Even better, this disgusto mix can break down the follicle wall and seep into the tissue in your skin.

This, my friends, is how you get a pustule (good old fashioned zit).


Why Other Solutions Don't Work

Have you tried everything???

Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Antibiotics, and Retin-A all operate on the same principle…

  • Dry out skin
  • Strip skin of all oils (good and bad)
  • Strip skin of all bacteria (good and bad)
  • Clear up skin for a short period of time
  • Skin gets out of balance and over produces oil and bacteria
  • New acne forms.
  • And the cycle continues…
Why Klō Works!

We work on the principle that when linoleic acid (which is a fatty acid that makes up a large portion of the sebum) is not available in the skin, you will naturally produce a sebum called oleic acid that is irritating to the skin. This sebum promotes blockage and causes acne.

  • Klō Organic Beauty uses oils that not only cleanse the offending fatty acids, but replenish the good ones.
  • When your skin begins getting what it wants, it stops overproducing the pore-clogging fatty acids and balances itself which means no more oily t-zone or dry patches. And NO MORE ACNE.
  • The Klō Method uses gentle exfoliation which not only clears away impurities that cause acne but also stimulates cell regeneration resulting in smooth skin with an even tone.
  • Using a clean organic product with no toxins is important because acne is an inflammatory response. The chemicals and toxins in products are irritating to your acne-prone skin. Clean skin begins with clean products.

Using the Klō Organic Beauty Duo for Acne-Prone Skin will deliver CLEAR BALANCED SKIN. No whiteheads, blackheads, red spots, pustules or zits. The result is balanced, glowing + beautiful skin.

“I’ve tried everything! Started using Klō and my acne cleared up overnight.”

"My acne is gone and my skin tone is even. These are the last products I will use!"

“I’ve been using Klo for over a year, and it has made my skin look great! At first I was oil cleansing at night and then using a cleanser in the shower in the morning. I was still having hormone related break-outs until I stopped the cleanser in the morning and simply started just splashing my face with cold water after the shower. It has been over a month since starting this routine… and I haven’t had even a hint of a blemish! This stuff is fabulous. It’s really all you need!”  – Sara, mom of 2

“I must say I was hestitant to start oil cleansing. It was something I had always wanted to try but I was so worried about breaking out. I can say that this did not happen with Klo. I love both the cleanser and the serum, it’s such a wonderful addition to my daily routine. And my 12 year old uses it now too. Thank you!” – Shelby, 43

“Simply awesome! I am beyond excited to have started to use the RE3 cleanser and serum duo! My skin has cleared up from acne, I love that the cleanser removes even mascara, the serum is not only moisturizing my face but I no longer need a separate eye cream AND it is a great primer in the AM! All this packed into 2 highly concentrated and beneficial products! I have to say at 47 years old I am loving the new glow I have achieved with this fabulous duo! Thank you Klo!”  -Sonja

Still getting breakouts? Your skin is unbalanced and making too much oil. You need gentle exfoliation and loads of nutrients. Unclog pores and get rid of breakouts once and for all with this magical oil cleanser. This method will no doubt change the way you view your skin and skin care routine forever!

Our antioxidant rich oil cleanser removes make-up and expels impurities to refresh skin and restore moisture. Potent and fast absorbing, our serum regulates oil production and reduces fine lines to help skin look younger. Over time notice acne scars fade.